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This is what I hear in my head when I see a fully-charged USA Deathstar sending its troops overseas in HOI4.

BRB making a HOI4 mod that makes this the nation selection music at the beginning of the game.

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Holy macaroni my system interactivity is being crushed by a kernel compile using all of my 16 threads. Unfortunate and something I haven't experienced in some time.

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"A task gets preempted in every tick. If the clock ticks in 250HZ (i.e. CONFIG_HZ_250=y) then a task runs for 4 milliseconds and then got preempted if there are other tasks in the runqueue."

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My early impressions running 5.8.7-12-tkg-cfs with Cachy are not the best when it comes to my gaming on my 8-core 16-thread system but I'm not exactly surprised since the scheduler is still so new and I'm used to PDS.

I wonder if my kernel config settings are something Cachy doesn't expect because I'm seeing what I can only describe as rather frequent hiccups in frametimes. I notice for example the github repo mentions 250Hz timers while I am using my usual of 1000Hz.

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I just realized that not only did TKG add support for the Cachy CPU scheduler to his linux-tkg stuff but Xanmod actually provided an experimental build of his kernel w/Cachy.

I will probably play around with it myself later via TKG after updating my PDS and BMQ kerns.

I know Cachy seems to be aimed at systems with more limited resources than my own but I'm curious nonetheless to see how it performs in general for myself and I have yet to see many benchmarks or user experience reports.

I installed FoxyTab and instantly experienced a spike in anxiety after seeing it apparently telling me that I have 240 tabs open.

Me from time to time when Firefox memory usage explodes: "Wow this is a pretty serious bug."

Also me: "WTF I have 240 tabs open?"

Also I might suggest that Private Internet Access lets users override the automatic detection of the init system in use because I'm using systemd but first the PIA script thought "OpenRC system" but after I removed any trace of OpenRC it thought "sysvinit system" and I was stuck.

Probably not all that simple to have the override actually work reliably or at all but man I don't know enough myself to get my hands any dirtier than I did :)

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Spent a whole lot of time getting to this point but now I know that no, the amdgpu-pro-opencl package for Gentoo will not let me use Folding@Home with the free amdgpu driver stack. Really remarkable to me how difficult this is outside of Arch and distros that can use the AUR.

Reeunk was a Thraddash Maintenance Engineer who in 2143 accidentally "invented" the afterburner used in Thraddash Torches. The accident involved sticking his cigar in the aft fuel valve of a ship on which he was working, which resulted in the ship flying "like a farg out of hell"

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