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I would like to remind people that there are almost always multiple parallels to draw when it comes to historical actions and current actions and it might not be the best use of your time to say "No, draw *this* parallel instead."

I just had Mi Sedaap Goreng Asli for the first time and wow spicy in a flavorful way and overall yummy! I had it with some chicken breast this time and off the top of my head I think I might make some with mandu next time :)

If you want to go by raw votes of someone who absolutely represents the VPP here's how many votes Bernie Sanders got in the 2020 Democratic Primary: 9,531,092.

We'll see how many Jo Jorgenson gets.

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By the way I find it quite amusing that American Libertarians think of themselves as the preeminent third party based on raw membership numbers when they get spanked in raw number of people in office by *checks notes* the Vermont Progressive Party.

Pat Metheny's Zero Tolerance For Silence goes down smoother than Biden-Harris 2020 and that's fucking saying something as much as I love the album.

I have the authority to be an absolute fuckwad to so many people at my own job. Do I do it because I'm a bitter asshole about other shit? Usually not, but I'm not a fucking police officer that can ruin lives on a whim.

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When a police officer is presented with the option of either writing a citation or attempting an arrest over minor bullshit:

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