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This thread has been illuminating for me because apparently my understanding was incomplete.

Chakra issue: Enable LTO (Link Time Optimization) by default for GCC for smaller and faster binaries

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Started thinking about this earlier because the new lto option will allow me to greatly reduce the amount of lines I have of different CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS for LTO/GCC/Clang/AOCC but I think I might have to keep a few different LDFLAGS lines.

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Hmmm so Pacman version 6 hit stable the other day for Arch Linux users such as myself and while I'm greatly enjoying it I am also finding myself wondering if the "lto" option in makepkg.conf goes far enough at least for GCC since docs don't say it adds the -flto linker flag.

AFAIK Clang doesn't need any linker opts passed but with GCC builds if you compile with LTO but don't use the LTO linker opts I thought the LTO stuff basically went to waste and was unused.

Seems like we should all be talking more about how the far-right is ramping up their targeting and recruiting of young people.

It should be a lot easier on Arch Linux but here on Fedora I'm not really sure what the best way to set custom compiler flags would be. Probably simple enough but I'm spoiled by things like makepkg and Portage that have a standard documented location for custom flags.

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I wanted to try going balls to the wall with enabling all of this Polly stuff I just found out about but unfortunately I'm too much of a n00b to understand where to insert custom compiler flags into the build script.

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I haven't run any benchmarks at this point but I am really digging the latest CacULE scheduler versions. Seems like some of the rough edges are being taken care of.

I also managed to make a Clang+LTO kernel build on Fedora 34 and hooray for my first. It seems snappy enough :)

You ever just remember a web comic all of a sudden, and then you're frantically googling "ice cream dad"

Just finished my first of two appointments for a root canal. Expecting much excitement once the anesthesia wears off.

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