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Performance is pretty much meeting expectations when it comes to Standard Computer Usage tasks like web/YouTube/Netflix and I only see a few dropped frames in the "Stats for Nerds" when videos are first started or resume. Hard to believe Hearthstone is so taxing on the HW, tho.

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Still finding ChromeOS to be "interesting" today on my new Chromebook although Crostini seems even more interesting to me. I had to install the Beta branch of ChromeOS but the resulting Debian 10 virtual machine shows promise and I want to poke around some more.

Manchin and Sinema both deserve endless ire for their intransigence but we all need to remember that there are other Congressional Dems that are quietly letting those two take almost all of the heat. Party leadership clearly more accepting of this than Left policy/primaries.

Absolutely amazed I managed to not spray coffee all over my computer. I deserve an award for making no mess after that.

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Hmmm so apparently the new beta of the ProtonVPN client for Android supports Wireguard. Working well for me and now I am very excited for support to land in the desktop clients.

Kid spent a little bit of time in the ROTC basking in "thank you for your service" from people who thought he saw any combat anywhere and boy did he change for the worse after joining.

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Just noticed that my dipshit nephew, who was obsessed with Communist and Soviet stuff growing up, is now an AnCap dweeb into RWDS imagery like helicopter rides.

Still finding it amazing how little tech media cares, and even orgs like the FSF, about Microsoft making their move to make Trusted Computing ubiquitous via Windows 11.

Privacy and control of your own hardware and software have been on their way out for a while but yeesh.

It's wild to me how often the angry declaration of "You don't know me or my life!" immediately follows that same person pretending to know other people, their lives, their trials and tribulations.

I would like to mention in passing that CFS seems to have improved a lot for my own use-cases since I started following all of the alternative CPU schedulers available a while back. The biggest thing I look for is heavy or full load not interrupting my Average Desktop Tasks.

If my audio/video streaming/playback and gkrellm don't lag I'm happy and if my gaming FPS numbers or crypto mining performance increases I'm most pleased indeed.

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The latest Project C patchset for the Linux kernel looks like it's done quite a bit of work to the PDS scheduler, which may be re-named since it now uses a bitmap queue data structure. Of course I've gotta game and compile on it to see how it behaves.

BMQ and PDS have both been a long-time interest of mine and I am of course here for any new developments.

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