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Whenever you're feeling down just remember that The Snuggler would help you if he could.

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Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price

"For shoppers, it might seem like choices galore at the store, but most of our favorite brands are actually owned by a handful of food giants,..."

Just gonna say I don't think the creator of *Dogecoin* necessarily has anything useful to say about the positive aspects of cryptocurrencies vs. the negative aspects he absolutely exacerbated.

I just hope that competitors, especially Linux-based ones, can make the case that the time of ubiquitous and backwards-compatible Windows is gone in personal computing. There's real opportunity for positive outcomes here despite Microsoft doing so much wrong with Windows 11.

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I've railed a bunch about TPM and Secure Boot requirements but even just bumping the DirectX requirements for the base OS will drive a lot of gamers to upgrade if they don't just switch to Linux or even Mac OS. Like DWM really needs to *require* a DirectX bump, JFC.

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The thing is I bought it because I thought they were going Software-as-a-Service and thought people would happily pay a monthly fee to use Windows. Turns out they jettisoned that but decided to actually make a new version of Windows after all for people to be forced to upgrade to.

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Microsoft teaming up with Amazon in Windows 11 to let you get Android apps from the Amazon App Store seems like a big middle finger to Google seeing as how they both would be overjoyed by Google losing any market dominance at all.

I mean I would be overjoyed at Google losing any market share at all too, but Microsoft and Amazon are both just as shitty if not moreso in some ways.

4GB of system memory is extremely limiting on my desktop, and I know it could be when just going tab-crazy. One of the biggest limiters, however, definitely seems to be the Intel UHD graphics which I'm avoiding at all costs in my search for a performance-oriented laptop.

Intel seems to be on the verge of breaking through into respectable gaming graphics performance with the incoming DG2. The UHD graphics, however, are a joke when it comes to gaming.

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