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There's a depressingly steady supply of American citizens who have come to accept some kind of need for Big Money in Politics until we can get Big Money out of Politics by electing people who make themselves beholden to Big Money in Politics. Democratic Party has enabled it.

And so I'm like oh fuck I pissed on myself but I was on ecstasy so I was like whatever man I'mma dance this shit dry, yo!

Hannibal Buress Talks Taking Ecstasy ft. Eric Andre

"Opening this bug again because some people are being turned away because they can't pay or even because they have the wrong skin color or sexual orientation."

"Uhh nice try but I've never seen that happen. CLOSED!"

If the Healthcare Debate in the USA was taking place on a bug tracker for software development it would be Progressives continually trying to re-open an extremely active bug people want dealt with that the Establishment Democrats keep closing as "WORKSFORME", saying "Not a forum"

Really starting to think I need to devise some kind of way to make sure that I stop sleeping wrong and destroying my neck for days on end.

I made some Shakshouka this morning and yesssssssssssss that's the stuff I may have found a new favorite dish.

I got my gnupg crap setup again without having to create a whole new key which is great because there's way too many from me.

I started learning how to make apps for elementary OS w/their Getting Started guide and will try making something. :)

When your heir dies and your monarch is 63 years old and your badass lucky game is now at risk of a Personal Union disaster:

Yay I finally have my new 12V adapter for my portable hard drive and it works like a charm. Hopefully I have my SSH/git/GPG stuff backed up somewhere on it.

Everything was going so well before these two Fascist assholes realized that together they can beat GB and myself as France because the Soviet Union is currently sitting all of this out. ;(

That's what I get for not going ComIntern.

I wonder how many other people have done really well as France in Hearts of Iron IV, rebuffing the Rhineland shenanigans and having Italy on its heels only to have Mussolini and Hitler decide that it's time for their Dynamic Duo to then stomp me like nothing.

I suck at defending

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