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mijo @oddmalco@mastodon.social

hello mastoverse! been napping all day and I feel great !

I hate waking up in the middle of a good sleep just to try and fall asleep again

walked into my room 15 minutes ago and I've just been standing next to my bed on my phone. i'm so used to standing for 6+ hours at a time at work that I just stand around the house instead of sitting down

found an old doodle of myself that a friend of mine made for me mastodon.social/media/xD3uHsyW

in a nutshell: it's a stonercast featuring two dudes shooting the shit in their garage

here's our most recent episode if you're curious as to what my podcast is about: soundcloud.com/livefromtheshac

it's pretty much a podcast discussing random topics/stories/world events that my roommate and I find interesting while we smoke in our garage "the shack"

yup. roommate and I got home from work and decided we were too tired to finish recording our 4/20 podcast episode. looks like we'll get to it tomorrow morning

I want a mumble rapper to sadly mumble at my funeral

funny how I feel 1000% more comfortable tooting my thoughts on masto vs birdsite

out here tryna smoke these mids

s/o to all my late night tooters

who the heck is awake and tooting right now

that moment where you realize you don't know what to say to the person you used to tell everything to

paid my bills and now i'm broke. the cycle continues.

gonna be uploading my 4/20 podcast episode tonight!! get ready for some new content :)

dude in front of me at the dispensary knows there are people waiting in line and he insists on asking every question he can think of to hold up the line... I could've grown something and smoked it by now

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Cat: *falls asleep on me*

Me: I understand and accept these new terms and conditions

I need to finish my safeserv liquor board test or else I'll get taken off the schedule

I hate knowing i'm going to be broke for the next two weeks after paying bills/rent