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mijo @oddmalco@mastodon.social

I always forget I have this app downloaded and then I feel bad for not tooting as consistently as I want to

hello everyone I hope you're having a good day/night

wow hello mastoverse. it's been weeks? (maybe) since I last tooted. I miss you

it's so sad seeing all these recent celebrities taking their own lives.. I've had many close friends take their lives, too, and it's just so unreal at first. like my heart doesn't want to accept it as true. I want to hug everyone I know and tell them it's going to be okay. I just want everyone to know that they can always talk to someone.

I love all of you

ahh yes can you pass me a glass of sleep

howdy doo everyone ! I just got home from work and I found a cool switchblade on the bus

work got me ready to go home and sleep so hard

out here meme-ing myself into the coma

whats good everyone IM sick and I want to DIE

so much dumb shit happened during my shift I swear I thought I was dreaming

lol a coworker of mine got fired today and she threatens to fight another coworker so we had to call the cops to get her out of the restaurant ://

been trying really hard to get out of this writers block by taking a break from creating music altogether. hopefully once I feel comfortable enough to write again I'll feel that rush I used to feel when I would finish a good song

can't wait to drop new music in the near future

so today my manager fought some crazy guy who refused to pay for his food because he was threatening to fight every employee that was on the clock

hello mastoverse! I havent logged on via desktop in soooo long

i'm watching Hoarders and this guy hoards rats.. like he's got hundreds of rats chilling in his house. don't get me wrong, having rats as pets is cool and all but to have HUNDREDS.. c'mon bro

sometimes I just stare at my phone when I'm trying to write a toot and I end up staring for 5-10 minutes before I realize nothing has been typed out

had someone order takeout at work today and their lisp was so distracting I had to have them repeat the order 5 times... sorry dude I just couldn't get over how your tongue moves when you talk

damn I'm sad that I keep forgetting mastodon is a thing. I definitely need to start using it more consistently