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I'm consolidating my brand under one name/username, so this blog is moving over to:
See you over there!

I'm consolidating my brand under one name/username, so this blog is moving over to:
See you over there!

Calling all Cosplay makers! I have a few questions I'd like to get feedback on:
1. What kind of challenges do you face as a cosplay maker that you would like to find a better solution to?
2. What kinds of tools or pieces would you like to see exist that don't or could use improvement?
3. What would you find helpful?
4. Is there anything you think of that I haven't covered?

Today’s church doodle! Can anyone guess what bird this little dragon is based off of? #100somethings #dragon #bird #sketch #mastoart

Glanced at my word count copy-pasta and my brain read the sentence, "Maybe today I will be full of bricks." #writerfunnies #writerlife #serendipity #lol

Critter from my dreams the other night. He’s covered in orange fur with bright blue blotchy stripes down his back, an underbite with monster teeth, and fuzzy crab pincers instead of pedipalps. He’s about the size of the palm of my hand and loves cuddles. He needs a name. Any ideas? #dreamcreature #monsterspider #spider #sketch #myart

Me while out doing errands with my dad: I’m hungry.
Dad: What do you want me to do about that?
Me: Have pity on me.
Dad: What kind of pity?
Me: The tasty kind.

Sunday doodle. I redesigned Walter’s hair to be a bit messier. Walter is one of the main characters in my webcomic Fur & Fangs. #sketch #mastoart #drawing #walterfitzpatrick #furandfangscomic

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Ahhh! Sorry everyone. I did not mean to spam the feeds! I'm working on a new website and didn't realize the auto-toot feature was tooting my blog transfer. XD I'll clean up my toots momentarily.

Finished moving over my best tweets. Wasn't much of a toot storm, more like a drizzle. Apparently I wasn't very interesting over there. :p

Want to know the secret to getting rid of weeds? Weeds are just plants you don't want. Decide you want them and POOF! No more weeds.

And my second post ever on Twitter was, way back in October 2011:
"What would Pinocchio have been like if Jiminy was a wolverine instead of a cricket?"

Tweeted May 2012: "There's a smashed up Decepticon in my apartment's parking lot."

Service announcement from 2012: Store cookies in lunch box separately from other foods. They get soggy when you stick them in with your sandwich.

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