Stewardship Made Practical W/ Stuart Halloway

Description: How did a functional like get anywhere near the analysts' top right quadrant? Clojure's success is nothing short of astonishing.

I just compiled and built a jar file. Now I feel dirty ... #worklife

Last few weeks I have stopped working at 6. I come home and do not open my laptop at all (only for 15 mins at 9.15). I've started opening books or kindle, and spend more time with family. This feels so amazingly relaxing every day!

The Clojure Conj 2018 is running since November 29th to December 1st at Durham: And there is a YouTube channel for Clojure, #clojureconj #clojure

I got my first mechanical keyboard. It's a GK64 with cherry brown switches. I like it very much.

Die Mehrheit der Menschen sieht #SmartMetering kritisch. Die rege Beteiligung an diesem Voting von bestätigt uns in unserer Arbeit gegen Überwachung. So kannst Du dich abmelden:

Signal is testing out a new feature that encrypts message metadata. Once it's widely deployed, their server will facilitate delivering messages but without having access to who is sending them

RT A dev on my team got a new computer. I left him a couple USB installers and an important decision...

RT Eins der letzten Memes mit Axel Voss, das noch durchgeht.

Currently I have to work with again for my work. After working with and and some other the last years it feels like multiple steps in the wrong direction. It hurts so much in my head :/

straft Vermieter, die günstige Mieten für Familien anbieten:
Interessant fand ich die Erklärung darunter. Der Staat hat also höchstes Interesse an hohen Mietpreisen 😲

RT Die Österreicher 🇦🇹 haben ein Problem
Sie wollten ein paar Ausländer weniger

1⃣ Sie bekamen den 12-Stunden-Tag,
2⃣ die Streichung der 5. Urlaubswoche
3⃣ und die Streichung des Kündigungsschutzes für Schwangere.

Das passiert, wenn man Rechte wählt.

von 👍

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