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My skills:
- make good spotify playlists
- can drive
- lactose intolerant but eats cheese anyway

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me irl: an honors student majoring in communications

me on mastodon: if you can read fuck you

alcohol ment 

yes i'm not really active on this instance anymore and have primarily moved to

BUT i am also very drunk and would like to chat with anyone who is awake on this christmas eve!!

Listen I know we’re all just poor gays but if any of you wanna slide a few dollars my way so that I can keep gas in my car and food on the table throughout the holidays that would be Very Rad of you

Love y’all 😘😘

pedo/rape ment angry vent 

like seriously, how the fuck can someone even /think/ of hurting a child like that and still think that you deserve even the slightest amount of pity, nor mercy? like what the fuck.

anyway if you're cishet you have to send me money

Me: I’m charismatic!!

A girl: hi

Me: h-hey what’s uhhhhh hi nice to ummmm cool what’s- what’s your uhhhhhhh hi





papa john ate my family and gave me a $6 coupon for it

friendliness levels are holding at 84%

(84%) ■■■■■■■■□□

My lockpick set arrived today...

Watch out capitalists a lesbian Robin Hood is comin for you

people on here fucking love oppressing the french

no offence to other romance languages but spanish is the nicest one.... i will not be taking replies.....

you think someone like THISSSSS *gestures wildly to self* would be STRAIGHT?

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