This is why the work started a few years back is so important.
“When people are expected to work on open source for free, only the people who can afford to work for free can participate.” - @fperez_org (via @tracykteal)

@offby1 The other side to this is that when people are expected to work on open source for money then priorities change to those of whoever is paying, and many developers will be excluded because they just won't be hired.

We do need better ways of funding public software production though.
@ente @offby1 Perhaps they could, but it's a bit like that "next generation internet" thing in that the EU institutions will have their own vision for what technology should become, and that usually means something centralised under their command.

@bob @offby1 I remember a few years ago when they had funds allocated for auditing free software projects and asked people in a survey which software should be audited. They had the wrong idea about which software needs an audit imo (e.g. commonly used system libraries weren't on it, media players were) but I liked the idea.

@offby1 @Avalon

Yeah, we need give everyone the possibility to work for free.

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