Okay, so the CoC hotline is a telephony app. It’s greatly amusing to me that it’s implemented on Twilio, though, instead of Nexmo.

“I tested it pretty thoroughly, but like a good dev, I didn’t write any tests”

This looks super cool.
Lightning talks. PyScratch. What if we built a python version of scratch. Drag and drop python learning

Oh, this is gonna be a good one: Racial bias in facial recognition (and by extension almost all AI software written by a non-diverse developer base) by @StephLKim@twitter.com

Skin colour isn’t used in the neural network’s classifiers. It “doesn’t see race”…

Yeah, I can’t see that being problematic at all.

If you’re disabled, and in the tech industry, @techevangelista@twitter.com has created a slack for you for accessibility issues and more: bit.ly/disabledintech

First up, accessibility: missing from boot camps, designers, product managers, and therefore often done poorly.

Interesting; apparently there are going to be provincial standards for web accessibility? @historicbent@twitter.com?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but this applies to closed-source too. This is not an OSS thing, it’s a basic decency thing. And I’m as guilty as the next person — possibly moreso.
If you're shit-talking about an open source project, you're essentially shit-talking all the people who worked on that project. And that can hurt. -- paraphrasing @brettsky

We are starting off with @windupanna@twitter.com talking about unconscious bias. She’s starting right off with a background image that we’ve been looking at for minutes and asking about our initial biases.

Tools to address unconscious bias, starting with words. I think the site is gonna be worth checking out: unconsciousbiasproject.org/thi

From @windupanna@twitter.com’s excellent slides: “🖕🏾I have a right to maternity leave whether you like it or not.”

If you are a trans man or trans masculine person in tech, @gizm0_0@twitter.com has a slack he’d like to invite you to to share experiences and issues.

And now to a talk on using micropython to talk to our robot overlords by @gizm0_0@twitter.com

I have never wondered “how can I connect this vineyard to the internet?”

Distillery? Maybe! 😛

I really wish @gizm0_0@twitter.com had called his vineyard network “The Vinternet”

I really want to know how these bits of Python are deployed to the devices.

This talk is an *excellent* overview of embedded monitoring design.

Which, naturally, have invented a new glob/wildcard syntax. Because of course they did 🙄😜
MQTT uses flexible, hierarchical topics that can be subscribed with wildcards

Gradual typing in a production codebase with @llanga@twitter.com; first up… why are we doing this at all? Turns out Python typing is for people first.

Oh cool! Python’s typing system actually has useful generics!

I think I should experiment with some gradual typing in the 3.6-only codebases I own.

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