In a time where we need to where face masks in public due to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus crisis , a big question to ask is why just wear a boring plain one where you can design your own. Zazzle isn't the only place to do it but for those who are familiar with it, it beat CafePress a long time ago as perhaps the most popular online print shop on the internet. I just think this is a good idea.


There's probably better options out there mainly because like internet censorship, it's censorship is done with bots and not people who can talk one on one with someone which is already a problem on the internet ( * One of the main reasons why I joined the YouTube WalkOut Protest last year. * ).

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Again, I think it's a good idea. It's a great way to spread the word on whatever message you want to bring about just like buttons & t-shirts, especially when you are an introvert with social anxiety like me. _ Erica

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