( The following is a tribute to Bugs Bunny's 80th as well as the 80th anniversary of many of the greatest cartoons EVER from The Golden Age of Animation for the next 10 years or so. It's fandom, but it's also a satirical parody , it’s comparison social commentary of irony, so therefore it's FAIR USE ! )


Ok so there was the WWII propaganda / pro-capitalist industrial education 1950s propaganda, as well as Daffy Duck for President , Private Snafu, etc .... so technically they aren't Anarchists, however they were battling Hitler, The Nazis / Fascism so wouldn't that make them ANTIFA ? They are Anti-Fascist !

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It's interesting to think about. They are animated, liberating, Anti-Authority, Anti-Authoritarian, seriously come on...
Cartoon Animated Characters .... IT GOES HAND IN HAND !
They Use DIRECT ACTION ! Still, most of the villains in cartoons are very easy to handle.
But anyway, they got more energy than human beings do so WHY NOT ? We can learn from them, can't we ?

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