If you would like to see a new film I hear they make those all of the time. Be patient and it will come to you 🙏

Frotting is like what if we had gay sex but gay

I'm so not racism, my polycule has affirmative action

I bet if Nintendo made pokemon submissive and pokemom breedable they wouldn't even let you have gay pokemon sex

Taking ivermectin like tums because its apple flavoured

Hate writers. They will literally make up a guy to get a rise out of people. Name one time fiction has ever happened in real life

Bought some dried fish but there was a short rain and it rehydrated and flopped back in the sea and the merchant won't give me a refund which is fair i guess.

I sure hope we don't have a dictator reveal next week!

datcreativity.com/about : we have a test of divergent thinking and verbal creativity

me: wow that's cool check out these unrelated words with no pattern

The younger generations are week. You throw someone born 30 years ago on an island and they got a chance... someone born last year? 0%

You think its easy going down on hillary clinton till she whips out that hot sauce she keeps in her bag

A man armed to the teeth demanded you give your teeth to the armed, but you, armed with teeth, TEETH WITH ARMED

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