Oh Gott, ist das geil! 🎧🎶💿🎹

Klanglos - Vergessen 🎵


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Very few people will understand what I am about to write, but I have to get it off my chest. I was going to the office tomorrow. For the last two years or so, I’ve been sitting almost exclusively at home. And tomorrow was my planned day. Now my car has been in repair since yesterday and... ohbananablog.com/2021/11/30/ve

Small family development.

For my very young daughter, I was always number one. For a little over 2 years. Until a few days ago. Now mum is number one. I am not allowed to do many things anymore. I’m not as interesting anymore. When something hurts, she runs to her first - before it was... ohbananablog.com/2021/11/30/sm

Right now 1 year Photoshop/Lightroom subscription would be pretty cheap on Amazon. I bought elsewhere about 1 month ago. Also cheap, but not as cheap. Damn. 🤬 (On the other hand: buy and extend this one too?)

There it is. The first stupid snow 🥶 this winter. It’s not that much, so I’m still able to see all the dirt through my windows.

Well, at least my kids are super happy. 😉

Moaaarrrr omg.lol/!

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My omg.lol/ profile: ohbananajoe.com

Does anyone use Headspace? There’s a Black Friday offer and I don’t know… maybe it’s worth it? I’ve never meditated before, maybe I should just take it up?

This time, the booster hits hard and unusually. The arm with the injection site hurts, but it is bearable. Today I have an enormous inner restlessness. I twitch around all the time, can’t be calm. But I’m also totally tired. Such a crazy, stark contrast. I feel totally strange.

I ask my youngest what she wants for breakfast. She answers, pizza.

I say that we do not have pizza. We could make ourselves cereal.

She says no.

I start putting the milk and cereal on the table.

Good morning.

Not my house, but a neighbour’s. I like to see the sunset in his windows. The mood is great. 🌇

I feel dizzy. And that definitely has something to do with the booster. But I still have to work a good 6 hours today. Well, I’m curious…

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