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Sitting and waiting for the booster. In a few minutes I will be immortal. Well, at least for the next 6 months. Uhm,… something like that. 💉

Had extreme stress in the morning. So I visited some calming friends. 📷 🐑

I am thinking about canceling my Micro.Blog. Please stop me from doing so.

Interesting. Right now I’m listening to Mona Lisa Overdrive from Matrix Reloaded. Then I see a post by @mangochutney about the Matrix films and their connection to trans related topics. Very fitting for Transgender Awareness Week. 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 🎵 🍿

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson reveals he wants to be next James Bond 🍿


He then kills his opponents with the Rock Bottom.

I didn’t like the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. But I am sure I will love the film. 🍿

The half-set cistern is taken out again, it is not deep enough. Then an underlying rock is somehow tapped or something. I bet my whole house will shake in a minute. (I just want to get away.) 🏡

I actually wanted to cancel my Evernote Personal subscription, before the next renewal. Then I found out that it still runs until the end of 2022. Then I took another look at the app, thinking I’d just use it until then. But it’s just (become) bad. I’ll stay with Nimbus Note.

It’s almost noon and I’ve worked for 1 hour so far and spent the rest of the time with craftsmen. It reminds me of the construction phase. I hated that time. Now guess how I feel right now. 🏡

Highly recommended Black Friday offer:

Inoreader Pro - Buy 12 months, get 6 months free

Inoreader is my feed reader of choice. And probably one of the most used apps on my smartphone and on the web.

The Black Friday offers start slowly but surely, also in the subscription area. Today, the 40% voucher for Carrd arrived in my inbox. Since this is not personalised, I’ll share it because the service is really good.

Code: ITSBF2021

This is happening right outside my office window. How am I supposed to work properly? 🏡

I can no longer accept Letterboxd as a serious source of reviews. The top reviews are some stupid comments, often only a few words short, that don’t tell in the least why the film was good or bad for the person. It’s more about: who posts the coolest comment? What a pity. 🍿

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