question: I'm trying to find a way to bypass blocks that may appear in the middle of an article. I drafted something in a codepen ( and it seems to work, but are there any implications that I am missing? Thanks!

@ohhelloana Which audience are you doing it for?

If it's for screen reader users, most of them usually rely the Ctrl+Down arrow to jump through block-type elements.
Plus, skip links for important landmarks on the page (“Jump to main content”, “Jump to site map” where the so-called “site map” is the footer nav for the whole site.)

Is this helping…?


@accessiblestef Hi! Yes, that makes sense.
My intended audience was screen reader users - this is probably my own mistake but while using VoiceOver I am not able to fully skip it. I can interrupt it and skip it but only after it starts reading it. I wondered if the link would be helpful to avoid that.
I've been told that skip links can also be used to help skip long contents (for example a list of many links).
So do you think that this whole skip link in this scenario isn't useful at all?

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@ohhelloana I must confess I don't know much about voice over, most of the people I know are Windows users with NVDA or Jaws.

It's always good to experiment anyway!

Also, considering people are most of the time no experts, your idea is still worth exploring, as a bonus feature.

I'll look into voice over. One day. 😁

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