The guy that was being a jerk to me on here yesterday is already banned so, yeah. bless u mastodon

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@ohhoe I'm starting to realize more and more how well-thought-out this system is for moderation. Check our reports in the admin UI; we've already got some! 😅 (Nothing too serious IMO, just bots.)

@ohhoe This is some of the most promising news about mastodon so far.

@ohhoe I'm glad you are reporting, and getting help!
I only do the support account, no actual administration, but it makes me happy to see people appreciate the work that's going on being the scenes

@ohhoe Down with jerks, but I fear the proliferation of walled gardens across the Internet.

@Tremelune I don't see anything wrong with keeping pests out of gardens.

@ohhoe I think part of my reticence is my current lack of understanding of how the local and federated feeds interact. I'm a stranger here myself.

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