I'm in Michigan and I've never been here before! But I bought a Hatchimal

@sarahjeong hello!!!! i would love to talk about it. @nolan would probably be great too

The Pirate Bay founder has launched a new service to register domain names anonymously: njal.la/. You can sign up using XMPP+OTR and pay in BTC. The company buys the domain and then gives you the usage rights.

Seems useful mainly for people worried about content takedowns.


it's a nice weekendddddddd and i have to stay inside and write a talk

@meyerini wait i take it back i didn't see yr BROWS IN THE THUMBNAIL AND I HOPE FEATHER BROWS DIE.

but u look great anyway always

@cyrinsong that is a v good idea. still trying to figure out to even accomplish it without someone abusing the system atm

sort of like build passing badges for yr repo but a 'THIS IS A WELCOMING SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY' badge. still fleshing it out though.. not meant as a CoC replacement.

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im gonna ~ bring back webrings ~ in the form of web based collectives as visual indicators for safe welcoming places for open source contributors

@jennwrites i wouldn't put that in the newsletter :sunglasses:

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