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your friendly periodic reminder to plz hide animated gifs (mark nsfw) & provide a warning about the content. flashy or rapidly changing graphics can trigger seizures, migraines, headaches, overstimulation, and just general annoyance.

thanks for making this more accessible for everyone :)

@lindseyb where'd you get your tea from regularly anyway? i used to use adagio A LOT like 8 years ago.

Twitter: The world is literally burning and we are all seriously going to die screaming.

Masotodon: Yep. Do your best! We believe in you! Do you like my art? You have such a great instance domain name!

sex workers social instance / porn advertising instance where you don't have to put nsfw / cw flags on literally every picture

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I wish I knew Ruby so I could contribute to Mastodon ;_;

Saw "David Lynch the Art Life" tonight, was rly good

all the people contributing to mastodon are great and good and i wish i could high five all of you

Hey! If you are experiencing that the timelines are out of sync you are NOT GOING CRAZY.

There's currently a backlog of just under 15000, last night it was 190000.
It's getting better! But until then your timelines will be a bit weird.

The processing is being improved as we are speaking!

if i were a furry and my fursona was a mastodon i bet i would be really pumped about this site yesss a federation would be perfect. (sorry im replying out of thread, i'm missing some notifications it seems)

followers ignore this 

potential new friends, hello



We should have a new federation that's just for bots!

Maybe I will make my own instance for all bots and only bots

soy un perdedor 


Definitely going to build a cute bot for mastodon after reading a little bit more about acceptable use. ^_^

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