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i just watched the parts unknown tokyo ep and anthony bourdain fucking gets dinner with the author of urotsukidoji who brings this big folio with all his horrible graphic illustrations and shows them off to him in the middle of the restaurant while the owner lady just watches stonefaced. one of the most viscerally uncomfortable modern television experiences i've ever witnessed

i bet no one in cardassian society batted an eye when marritza showed up to teach his filing classes with gul dar’heel’s face because cardassians get surgery to look like famous war criminals all the time as a status symbol

also, but we already new this, C) prisons in general

pretty cool how star trek: discovery establishes that starfleet still has A) life sentences and B) prison labor

anything clever writing-wise in sabbat was me but anything clever design-wise was all other folks, i don't know html very well and i know even less about javascript and i've never found the focus necessary to learn

p sure the new anti-autoplay shit chrome pushed out just broke the music in sabbat. i'm disappointed and also frustrated because i don't have the coding know-how to get around it

char and i just bought swords of fury for pinball arcade and that table is so good... lionman and avenger are the lesbian power couple we need

oh my god i had no idea there was a follow requests button and i forgot that i had my shit set up so that i needed to manually approve follow requests

i'm good at websites

with my latest fic, "Carbide Chef: Eyeless King Crab Battle", i ask two important questions:
• what if the universe of Caves of Qud had an iron chef competition?
• what if everyone who hosted and competed in iron chef was a lesbian?
please, enjoy

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in one of my more lucid bubbles i thought “great, can’t wait to see how the story retroactively justifies anthony carver this time”

had a dream that antimony carver of gunnerkrigg court was heading an antarctic operation to thaw and revive 2 renegade angels to defend mankind (they looked like fancy boys in utena student council uniforms but they weren’t any existing utena characters). meanwhile her dad was secretly sabotaging it via hacks, unstable nuclear waste, & absorbing staff into the technicolor body horror spaghetti gestalt named “Lord of the Flies” he had given himself to

i already fucking told you i don't have any fursonas that aren't domestic lesbians

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ALICE MARGATROID: mokou, what's the secret of your incredible resilience?
MOKOU: i eat about 3 big handfuls of dirt every day
EIRIN: it's the hourai elixir. it makes her immortal. don't listen to her.
MOKOU: i just want to see some girls eat some dirt, eirin

princess principal game theory: L was a deep butch the whole time, using he/him pronouns, believing with his whole heart in his lesbian spy coven

btw if y'all see an ohnoproblems on any instance that isn't mastodon.social or scalie.club That Ain't Me and i'd appreciate a heads up. just got threatened with doxxing on twitter and i'm feeling Shitty