there are a lot of lesbians so far in sunless skies but no lesbians for my humble cultist crimester revolutionary captain shaw... where are they...

GAME DEV 1: hey this harvest moon-inspired game we're making is coming along great, but it still needs a little something. what could it be?
GAME DEV 2: the power to kill and the necessity to use it.
GAME DEV 1: oh HELL yeah

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i think the best line in ds9 by merit of being the biggest earworm is when odo says “quark, wake up. we’ve got to climb the mountain.”

A present from me on Christmas Day! I finished a chapter of The Solstice War today. It's my alternate universe fantasy WW2 web novel. Featuring: sad, awkward lesbians in planes!

merry redman to all
and to all a 「RED FIGHT」

existential dread is the fear that someone will appear suddenly before you, yell "red fight", and then mercilessly start beating you for no reason

‪someday my goal is to make a character who makes the immortal science of marxism-leninism look as hot as balalaika makes fucking trotskyism look‬

"yeah, guitar wolf! i love these guys. this ain't no fuckin' j-pop!" - famous quote of "two hands" revy

PSA: Together, CH751 and C415A keys open half the indoor locks in America. Buy one of each, put em on your keyring. Definitely do not use them to break into bathrooms in places that require you to buy something. That would be illegal 😊

turns out the real Apocalypse World... *turns chair around and sits in it backwards* is America

i’ve been watching black lagoon and it’s just apocalypse world. dutch is the driver. revy’s the battlest battlebabe. benny’s the savvyhead. rock’s the solace. balalaika is the hardholder who can’t make it to every session but mulches the scenery every time she does. that maid with the shotgun umbrella is the faceless. It’s Just Apocalypse World

Hay Mastodon! I’m Madiha and this is my pinned post. I’m the author of The Solstice War, a LGBTQ centric, historical fantasy novel you can read online for free! ( ). If you enjoy it, you can support my writing on my patreon ( ).

YANG WENLI: honestly i feel crushed under the weight of my own decisions. i feel like my life has crystallized into this thing that will fall on me and kill me.
YANG WENLI: i well and truly feel apocalyptically bad.
ALEX CAZELLNU: hey yang it's your straight buddy alex. you know what i think'll turn that frown upside down? a plucky young war orphan who you're now legally responsible for
YANG WENLI: oh fuck dude what? dude what the fuck. oh my god alex. fuck dude

this holiday season maybe take some time to learn about the real Star War *turns chair backwards and sits down* in space year 796, yang wenli-

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