Anyone got the AWS S3 storage backend working on their #Pixelfed instance? I'm getting permission denied error in the worker log. But the credentials/bucket policy works fine using the aws cli.

@ohookins I did already. But can't tell why it's not working. Credentials seem to be used. But still it gets a 403 response.

@maxheadroom does it use its own S3 request creation or the AWS SDK under the hood? If the former, maybe it’s not signing properly. Or an outdated SDK trying to use v2 signing instead of v4 if you are using Frankfurt region.

@ohookins yeah, I might have to dig into the code. As far as I can see its using AWS SDK. But would need to confirm.


@maxheadroom I did look at the code and it’s a bit confusing. They are using Flysystem but apart from listing the dependency, there’s no code referencing it. Or do you need to write some code yourself to provide the storage backend?

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@ohookins yeah, its confusing. But somehow it must be used as I see the credentials in the Requests on CloudTrail.

@maxheadroom it’s buried in laravel support library called illuminate… but do you get any access denied errors for unexpected types of request?

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