I'm not a fan of visual novels, I mean, I would prefer to read a good book instead, you know, something from Douglas Adams or Orwell. The same goes with games... or so I thought.
If you want good, and I mean, REALLY GOOD VNs, buy this game, for real, the devs are from Venezuela and worked REALLY hard to make this Overwhelming Positive game (as @Steam_official states) true: , available for Win/Mac/SteamOS/Linux/PSVITA
their website: sukebangames.itch.io/valhalla-

@okasion If it helps explain, C itself doesn't actually have a garbage collector, so any memory problems tend to get blamed on the programmer.

But GObject does have a garbage collector, which implements the reference counting. And the problems with that are well-known, which is why any language which does intagrate a GC tends not to use reference counting (O.K., Python does but they augment it with a real GC).


I can't believe they just now found this problem with the C garbage collector. Even me, an average programmer, understand th problem and can think of several ways to fix it.

The thing is, hope they don't use this as an excuse to make people use Gnome 3 because it this bug fixed, while others don't. Specially Cinnamon. @linuxmint if you need help just ask, but's lets fix this ok?

If you follow me, if you read me, if you care about Linux, watch this ASAP: youtube.com/watch?v=0pOt3MxOSS

They killed OpenSolaris (I will never shut up about this), and I'm not familiar with Haiku, so.... what to do guys? This just popped up on Twitter before I was going to start reading a book called "War & Peace" by Leo Tolstoy on my bed, no joke.
We need Richard Stallman and Linus Torvalds together, arguing about the real enemy, and let aside their differences.

Also the companies like Steam which seems for real to have interest in we Linux users to sell us binary based good games; the problem with this is that I think the BSD license as it is right now, would not let this kind of applications run on BSD. The same goes for Spotify, etc. (I don't even want to write about NVIDIA binary kernels).

Ok, now that you have seen that, thanks a lot to @BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks. We need to migrate; If you are like me, the first OS that it comes to mind it's xBSD.
We have all to change to the same "kernel OS", so the community can continue living. Maybe the different types of BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD, could be something for us to play with.

If you follow me, if you read me, if you care about Linux, watch this ASAP: youtube.com/watch?v=0pOt3MxOSS

Just used my last funds on Steam to buy Tower of Time. I hope it's as good as _everyone_ says, and even more important, works ok on my computer.

The "weather control", (strikes of lightning per second?) it's spreading, please post if the weather in your country is highly unusual today like it's on mine (South America).

Hello, anyone aware of the weather control machines testes some hours ago on Lithuania, the South East coast of the US and on Mexico?

Let's get real guys: how do the conflict happening in the world right now, will affect our work, advance of free open source, github itself, and communications?

Worth sharing, best basic explanation of file permission I have seen.

This is important: savecodeshare.eu/

"Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software.
Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online!"

I have been Linux Mint since it was 17, this year I have updated it to 18.
I REALLY want to try Fedora 27 Cinnamon build (I already burned the iso), but I have SO MUCH DATA, and one big partition, that I keep leaving it for later or tomorrow.
I'm really like how RedHat works, Arch too, Gentoo, even Suse.. but I want to try Fedora.
Hope at this point they have fixed Anaconda and I can properly install the Nvidia drivers!
...also PulseAudio ¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯

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