I've been at Mastodon a while even if this account looks quite new, here is my old one: mastodon.social/web/accounts/4

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when youre a captain of industry on dot social

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is all of this feasible? theoretically, but it would require a lot of resources to get started and a lot of organization. and there are many ways it could be undone; for example, if each neighborhood was segregated in any way –race, ethnicity, GSM, social class, living situation and age (this last one is an under-talked about problem in today's society). but its a utopia

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from a pure space distribution standpoint, I think we could learn a lot from cruise ships for how we should be making our living spaces in the future: not in the massive amount of labor it takes to maintain them, but in the percentage of space that is divided between public and private – relatively little 'private space' in staterooms, but a lot of "public' space that, due to shared kitchens, can be incredibly specialized

What is a place, a pub, an irl community, a part of a city, anyhting, that is Mastodon, but irl?

I come back to this place cuz I like to see y’all love yourselves and eachother despite the collective bullshit heaped on us, please keep on

hey guys. it's my birthday. i don't want boosts. just watch this.

What is the historical "good" country. Say.. the country you'd root for in Crusader Kings.
The discourse of "your country is bad and has always been bad" is constant, is there room for something else?

Shitpost your fears away. Just push it all deep down and toot about piss

lewd, cursed, bad bad bad 

please shoot your logic cum into my sjw mouth

drill my postmodernist ass with your reason cock

Anyone know some culture/literature that has a delightful absence of norms?

Admin of trash.social goes to doctor. Says they're depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says they feel all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is uncertain. Doctor says, "Treatment is simple. Great project called corner prophets is in town, which organizes hip-hop concerts with israeli and palestinian rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts. Go and see them. That should pick you up." The admin bursts into tears. Says, "But doct

Time to change my tinder bio to "Token male partner for bisexual women"

Mental health, terrorism 

When you refuse to do the coping mechanisms, but don't confront your problems.

A metaphorical suicide bombing of my own mental health

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