After spending a month on mastodon it still feels disconnected and not as easy to use as I had hoped.

The fediverse might be great as a whole but why is it always so many steps to reply to someone?

I can see why the average user would be put off by yet another social network when it's already easier to use elsewhere.

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@okpierre Yep, some searching, hashtags, and a fair bit of general snooping around are about the only way to build up an interesting timeline. (Choosing a more niche instance might help, too.) Replying through other servers' web interfaces may be tedious, but I've no problem with it from my instance or Android app.


Thanks for sharing your experience.

Main issue I'm now having is the experience while I am signed in

-click arrow to reply to your post
-popup appears to ask me to enter my username@domain
-enter my username@domain
-it brings up my post along with your reply
-click on arrow again to reply

Finally I can type this and reply to you

There has to be an easier way just to reply to a post via desktop. Any tips?

@okpierre Hmm. Currently logged in on and I can reply right away... 🤔 (Click array below post, start typing, hit Toot!) Only thing that works even more smoothly, is the Tusky app on my Android phone.

@okpierre (That's from my home timeline, or notifications. If I open a specific toot's permalink, however, replying there happens the way you describe it.)

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