If your drone doesn't have a "self broadcast" to ID itself and your physical location then you my not legally use it in the US.

Read the full details here: faa.gov/news/media/attachments

Testing Misskey and Pixelfed right now with latest updates for both. Sadly the federation part is still broken.

What am I doing wrong @dansup? Anything I can check?

Did anyone get reshare and comment to work between these two apps?

Very strange that nothing happens when you report a note in Misskey. Where does the report go? Does someone get a report? @syuilo

Update now! BuddyPress 7.1.0 maintenance release

-It makes sure the BP Blogs tools to repare Site icons / Site profile photos synchronization is only available to WordPress multisite configs.

-It fixes the unavailability of the Groups Admin screen for site networks using the BuddyPress multiblog mode.


WordPress newest release is 5.6 with greater layout flexibility, more block patterns and the new Twenty Twenty-One theme

Is this thing even real or just computer generated? I want to see someone drive it around a track.

Sold to Sony! Crunchyroll has 3 million paying subscribers and AT&T has decided to sell it and focus on HBO Max service

Dark mode for Buddypress. The next release is v7.0.0 and it is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9

Wait! Do not upgrade to the newest release of Misskey v12.62.0

Just wait for the next release so all the issues can be fixed. I have already reported the bugs.


I hope the home page for Misskey improves. Currently all sites look like this which includes SO MUCH white space.

Maybe an option to choose the old basic layout will help

If you are having touch issue with your iphone 11 there is a replacement program available

I enjoy seeing the progress of Misskey and have fun testing but too many UI changes causes negative impact to the user experience. Wish for stable releases 😩


Currently the community is working on bug fixes in WordPress 5.6 Beta 4

December 8 is the target for the official v5.6 release

Adobe Connect remote conferencing and Adobe Reader Mobile received security update to resolve vulnerabilities

New Baserow v0.5.0 released

-Importing existing data
-Publicly exposing data via a REST API endpoint

There's a new version of WordPress scheduled for December 8, 2020.

Right now you can test WordPress 5.6 Beta 3 so if you're interested, use the Beta Tester plugin.

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