Budibase is a free and open-source development platform that helps you build internal apps on your own infrastructure, in minutes, not months


Jetpack Boost provides one-click optimizations that supercharge your WordPress site’s performance and improve web vitals scores for better SEO.


That's crazy!!!! What's going on?

Doge went over $0.40 and I remember it being just a penny digital coin beginning of the year.

No need to keep switching! Enhance the default WordPress theme with this toolkit! Add new layouts, Google fonts, colors, sidebar, footer, etc


Bye LG! Company is shutting down its mobile business.

Time for OnePlus to do the same.

Management team members from Free Software Foundation resigning and here's the joint statement

Wish I knew enough to help fix all the bugs in Misskey. Bug fixes should be a priority. I want to continue testing but it's also frustrating.

New features should not be merged in stable version in my opinion.

It's not over!! covid19 cases will rise again. Too many people think vaccines and reopening stores means it is safe again.


Convert to Blocks is a WordPress plugin that transforms classic editor content to blocks.

Mubadala Investment Company and Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners each investing $75 million ($150 million total) in Telegram.

Avoid Misskey 12.75.0

'uncaught (in promise) error' after the dashboard will lead to blank pages for everything including the timeline. This happens each time and requires complete refresh of the page.

there's also errors with slice, add and other functions with timeline

List of issues will be here:

Trying out the new Misskey 12.75.0 and already ran into several errors.

Seems each time issues are fixed, there's many more added.

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