Seeing more Pixelfed failed jobs from @stux instance.

Not sure if is using stock Mastodon or could customization on that instance cause the Pixelfed problem?

Anyone else still seeing problems with Pixelfed likes and also federating with Mastodon and Misskey?

Like count mismatch also happening on the main instance @dansup

GDPR and now another one for developers to worry about.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) starts January 1, 2020 and gives residents of the Golden State the right to learn what data companies collect about them. Californians can ask companies to delete their data and not to sell it.

It was fun testing Dolphin and I'm glad I discovered it. Now I'm going to check out Misskey by @syuilo and see what that offers. Anyone have experience with both and can share their experience?

What's going on? Keep getting 500 internal error when adding attachment. Tested with 850kB png and then 84kB jpg

It seems something has changed today since my last post and it's for the better. Or maybe it's just my imagination?

Instead of about five clicks for actions (follow, like, reply) from feed it's now much less. Friendly and easier to use for newcomers.

It looks like another outage ... this time it's but at least is still up and running 👍

After spending a month on mastodon it still feels disconnected and not as easy to use as I had hoped.

The fediverse might be great as a whole but why is it always so many steps to reply to someone?

I can see why the average user would be put off by yet another social network when it's already easier to use elsewhere.

Hi @Gargron just noticed that my last post has a photo attachment that is rather tall. When viewing the popup, it's too thin to view and unable to scroll. Normal?

Anyone else using and having this problem? Is there a setting to change this behavior?

Discovered @pixelfed this week and it looks like a good alternative to IG. Will be learning, testing and sharing more about it right here all thanks to @Gargron and


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