I enjoy seeing the progress of Misskey and have fun testing but too many UI changes causes negative impact to the user experience. Wish for stable releases 😩


Since there hasn't been any new release lately, I miss testing

I wonder what they are working on for the next version. Is there a roadmap available? @syuilo

Does anyone have documentation for Misskey backup and restore? I can't find anything on that topic @syuilo

I've been spending more time testing Misskey lately.

My favorite feature is threaded comments. I'm able to see conversations and reply to each of them if I wanted to. Dark mode is nice too!

Hopefully cloud storage issue will be fixed soon.

If you are having problems with cloud storage and Misskey, you can try the pull request that was submitted to see if it helps you. It's currently waiting for @syuilo to review.

Anyone know if there is an alternative layout for Misskey to display media like Pixelfed instead of microblog? Is that even possible?

Since both Pixelfed @dansup and Misskey @syuilo released new versions it's time for me to test test test and find some issues to report 😀

The latest version of Misskey @syuilo allows you to add "deck" columns to customize your desktop layout.

You can add widgets, timeline, notifications, mentions, etc

If you think duplicate welcome message will bother you and your users, it might be best to hold off on upgrading to the latest version of Misskey for now @syuilo

Let's help improve the software!

It's time to find some bugs! Will be spending time with Misskey and Pixelfed today.

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