I've been spending more time testing Misskey lately.

My favorite feature is threaded comments. I'm able to see conversations and reply to each of them if I wanted to. Dark mode is nice too!

Hopefully cloud storage issue will be fixed soon.

If you are having problems with cloud storage and Misskey, you can try the pull request that was submitted to see if it helps you. It's currently waiting for @syuilo to review.

Anyone know if there is an alternative layout for Misskey to display media like Pixelfed instead of microblog? Is that even possible?

More time testing @pixelfed today. Hopefully with better results. I've been having the most problems with the June and July updates. Prior to those updates, everything seems to be running smoothly. Latest Horizon report shows over 100 failed jobs!!!!!

Are you struggling with @pixelfed like I have? Is there something else to try?

I think there is a problem with either the update process or the restart. Was able to reproduce this EVERY single time.

Here's what I noticed so far: you can reinstall horizon and/or restart the process to get things running again even if horizon shows it is running properly.

Does anyone know the best way to test or monitor laravel horizon specifically with Pixelfed @dansup?

I keep getting inconsistent results for the same action. Sometimes the "like" or comment is processed and other times nothing happens. It's as if something is crashing.

Since both Pixelfed @dansup and Misskey @syuilo released new versions it's time for me to test test test and find some issues to report 😀

Let's help improve the software!

It's time to find some bugs! Will be spending time with Misskey and Pixelfed today.

Yikes! Federation is broken!

It's sad to find out pixelfed and misskey can't communicate with each other. Comment, like or reply are not delivered!

@dansup @syuilo

Found some problems with @pixelfed that I still need to test further. These are crucial interactions with the fediverse that I didn't think was broken until now.

Getting excited for @pixelfed again after hearing about features that are coming soon. Will get my laptop upgraded to the latest version and start testing again this week

Hey @dansup catching up with all the development news and trying to find out if circles is now working for and where I can find the settings. Haven't updated since 0.10.6

It's been a tough for the last several months. Back here to pass some time and figure things out.

Want to catch up with and see what's happening on the

The pixelfed blank screen of death is real @dansup 😀

Looks like various different instances are having the same problem

I've added links for you to check out


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