@dansup Hey, I'm contemplating going deeper with PHP (or even HHVM), but I want to ask your opinion seeing as PixelFed is made with PHP. Hope thats okay, if not, ignore this.

Do you think its worth investing my time in? Also, do you have an opinion on whether or not HHVM/Hacklang is worth it? Why, why not?

PS: Not thinking about it job-wise, just want the experience/knowledge.

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@ola HHVM/Hack had the lead in performance in the beginning but now PHP 7 is faster. I wouldn't bother with HHVM/Hack unless you plan on working at FB as they have dropped PHP compatibility a while ago.

@dansup Thanks a lot for your answer. I tried finding some new information on HHVM (took some digging), but finally found some info from 2017 on hacker news. Thanks for your insights, it definitely helped :)


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