@dansup My daughter will probably be there. My musical tastes have evolved in different directions than yours and over a much longer period of time.

@mike Kevin Parker sounds just like John Lennon, and Tame Impala was heavily influence by the Beatles.

Don't judge a book by it's cover 😉


I assure you I didn't make that comment from a position of ignorance. I've heard most everything they've done. The press calls them "psychedelic", but dude, I used to jam with Moby Grape and party with Janis Joplin's manager. I was in SF during the Summer of Love. i also used to own a guitar store in the SF south bay. I kind of know psychedelic when I hear it, and this ain't psychedelic. It's synth-pop.  It's good music and I have no issue with it, but I wouldn't pay $200 to see them live and I certainly wouldn't waste any good acid on them. I bought my first Beatles record in 1963. I kind of know John Lennon's sound and if you think they sound even remotely similar, you should probably cut back on the acid.
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