This update however means that the docs site is outdated. Once the semantic analyser is at the stage of a working proof-of-concept, I'll shift back to docs work to make sure the parser spec is accurate.

Progress update:

The is feature-complete and is parsing source code!

Work has been started on the semantic analyser, which converts the AST to an abstracted data structure representing the program.

As always, all source is available under a licence:

The website has been updated. This removes information on output formats as these have been deprecated and are no longer part of the program. The status markers for the lexer have also been updated.

The basis of the main program is well into development now and it's connected fully to the , meaning it can enumerate the files in a project and then lex them fully.

The will be worked on next!

And it's up! Have a look at the tidied up specs and the new spec describing how O's syntax is going to look (as of yet).

Now that there is a more concrete parser spec, more work can go into development to tidy up the existing and parser and tie them into a main compiler program that can interact with an project file which will be the next component to be looked at.

website redesign going live shortly. Stay tuned.

Site redesign in progress! There's lots of stuff there that's not being used at all such as the blog area.

The plan is to turn the site more into a purely docs-oriented site for now as that's all there really is, and then later on things can start being added back in as and when they are needed.

In the process, I'll also tidy up the docs and add docs, and mark which things are specific to or

Quick progress update:

I'm breaking the project up into some more manageable steps. v1 of O will be preceded by : a dramatically simplified, lower level O that will help to serve as the language for the first O compiler.

I'm hoping it'll also provide some valuable insight into what parts of O's syntax work and what parts don't, and also help to determine the best approach for incorporating lower level constructions into O.

The MiniO lexer can be found at

Minor updates to the website. Shadows were made a little softer in places, a small error in the spec was fixed, and there's a new as the original one wasn't really unique enough. This current one is unlikely to be final either, but we'll see!

The for the is complete and available on the website. Do have a read. Feedback is encouraged as the more thoughts that can go towards the design, the better.

The website is now live! It's just the home page and a couple of "coming soon" pages at the moment, but it's a start!

The site relies on no JavaScript at all and loads wonderfully quickly.

Stay tuned for lexical specification to start turning up in the Docs section when I have the time to do so!

Hello World!

is a high-level object-oriented general-purpose programming language currently in design by @OTheB

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