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Arundhati’s Plea to Modi: Leave, and Make Way for Someone More Capable

She is spot on!

Our boot licking Editor uncles and aunts are asking for heads of the team under Modi 🤣 clarionindia.net/arundhatis-pl

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This is a BJP spokesperson claiming that bells, conch shells and clapping is going to kill virus. The biggest source of misinformation has been BJP and their senior members during this time of crisis. twitter.com/ShainaNC/status/12

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There are three global companies whose screening test is approved by FDA.

All three made representation to Govt of India & offered the mass screening under 10$.

GOI approved only Ahmedabad based company to manufacture the kits who are going to make it first time.

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Please understand that educated people like her are doing this intentionally to get noticed by the versatile genius, they full aware that they are risking the lives of gullible people listening to them, but they don't care, their greed for proximity to power is despicable!

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"If people are sufficiently worried, there is much less to be worried about. But if no one is worried, then when you should worry!"

Exponential growth & epidemic..

The maths behind it. #coronavirusindia

Please watch and share!


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Subtle difference between a hero and an opportunist is not where you stand, but its timing.

Standing up against injustice when it suits is convenience, not heroism!

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Why is rape so much associated with bjp ? What's wrong with these people, who rape? BJP ex-MLA

Narendra Mehta booked for rape of corporator

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The Thane Rural police has booked former BJP MLA Narendra Mehta for allegedly raping and harassing a 45-year-old woman corporator from Thane district


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He is Premkant Baghel, when he saw his Muslim neighbor's house being set ablaze he stepped out to save them.

He saved 6 people but he got burnt 70%.

Hope he gets recover ASAP.

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Delhi Government is no less ill-informed than the central government in its understanding of sedition law.

I strongly disapprove of the sanction granted to prosecute Mr Kanhaiya Kumar and others for alleged offences under sections 124A and 120B of IPC.

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While God was busy in listening to the prayers by others 😊

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The Tahir Hussain that Karawal Nagar and Mustafabad knows.

Watch his videos, updates and appeals as his area and house was burnt.

Shame on you for declaring him guilty without proof or trial.

Pity you for not having courage to call @AmitShah@twitter.com as the one who broke Delhi's soul.

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Many times Delhi Police is not allowing relief materials to be taken to violence affected areas in the evening. In some cases arbitrarily denying permissions. Today few trucks carrying relief materials were sent back. Shame to such normalcy introduced by Doval.

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@KilaFateh @Deepsealioness @Sonali

Today shekhar gupta has written on twitter on behalf of the government some ten good take aways from the economy -yes, from the economy. Reads like an apology on behalf of the govt. Really disappointed to see an icon behave like this.

Ms. Sonali Ranade, it is within your expertise to rebutt all that he said. Please, please do that.

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The biggest pseudo scam ever in India
This vinod rai would be brought to book

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That 1.76 lakh crore loss claim by the CAG must be the auditing scam of the decade. Played nicely into the “sub chor hain” madness, turned a fake like Anna Hazare into Gandhi and the economy has still not recovered from the damage it did. twitter.com/sonaliranade/statu

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Students Can Protest As Long As Peace Not Disturbed: Amarinder Singh

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Tuesday said students can agitate against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in the state as long as their protest...

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Minister Says "No Power" As Kerala Passes Anti-Citizenship Law Resolution

Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday said Parliament alone has got powers to pass any law regarding citizenship and not a state legislatures, "including Kerala assembly."

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@thecaravanindia is India’s first long-form narrative journalism magazine. It was relaunched in 2010 as a journal of politics and culture dedicated to meticulous reporting and the art of narrative. Since then, The Caravan has established itself as one of the country’s most respected and intellectually agile magazines, and set new benchmarks for Indian journalism


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Record MK Stalin's Rally Against Citizenship Act, Court Tells Police

DMK chief MK Stalin is all set to lead a massive rally against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Chennai on Monday despite the police denying permission to do so.

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