Nothings hotter than a girl who would wanna go out into the snow with you to buy 100 chicken nuggets at burger king

Full offense wanna beat finals with a bat while making out with someone on the way to burger king

The economy would be so much better if we just used KinzCash

Maybe it was a bad idea to spend my life savings on silly string

Amazon called this absolute angel a creepy crawly so we're taking down jeff bezos at dawn

Good morning, Miku told you that you're all weak ass biches and who am I to disagree with a goddess

December 7th is coming soon babes
That's right...

Neo Yokio's holiday special

Must be nice to be godzilla, he could smash buildings whenever he wants while looking hot at the same time, he has his shit together

Do i want to go down the path where I pay 50 dollars for 4 gingerbread houses, just to smash them one by one

25 dollars for two gingerbread houses sounds amazing but i already made one and the question is do i really want to go down that path

Three headed rat boys are valid and i hope they have a lovely day

Listen santa its either you take my debts right now or give me 97000 dollars forget about being good I'm the best

Me, decorating my house in Animal crossing: HGTV fucking WISHES they had my skills

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