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alt mastodon presence(s):
@oletedstilts (overtly political themed)
@oletedstilts (personal/private/rant/backup/etc.)
discord: OleTedStilts#0605

im watching troy bc i needed a background movie and its on netflix
its a good choice of background movie imo

se ti saber, ti responder
se non saber, tazir, tazir

We need to figure out (or someone needs to introduce me to..) a good alternative to Facebook Events ASAP.

I briefly reactivated my FB account (because reasons) and stumbled across a public lecture about Thomas Sankara, and an event put on by the Chilean embassy about Project Cybersyn. And it's an absolute crime that Facebook is the only way to discover these.

wife is watching Grimm so I ask y'all instead of interrupting her:

...is part of the allure of this show how badly people mangle the German words?

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the way they make money off it is two fold: they buy their oil in bulk and so they dont pay retail for it like you do, while still charging retail price on your end; and they also do those fun little complimentary things i mentioned earlier to find other things wrong so they can get more business out of you same day or sometime soon

its everything BUT the oil change you can save on doing yourself in my experience, and ive dealt with a lot of shitty cars and car work in my life (i only buy used)

speaking of which: theres this fun saying that goes around regarding working on your own car, that changing the oil yourself saves you money
ive only ever been able to save myself the service fee of $10 at most places doing it myself, bc its so routine they charge jackshit for it and know its not hard to do so they dont wanna lose the business
in fact, most places usually have coupons (oh, look!: firestonecompleteautocare.com/) that make the cost down to retail for parts alone (oil and filter)

most of the time your tires dont need rotated, and so this coupon is literally charging you $10 to do a bunch of free shit when you could find a legitimate reason to get work done and have it all done anyway
the point of that coupon is to find a problem they can then try to force you to fix the same day so they can charge you even more, and probably more than what the repair is worth if you cant already do it yourself

last, but not least:

"$9.99 car care package, services include: complete vehicle inspection, tire rotation, tire inspection, washer fluid top off, adjust tire pressure, battery check"
the only thing worth a damn in this one is the tire rotation, which is free with most tire/wheel/brake work, and the vehicle inspection, which is complimentary at a lot of garages with any work done
the rest is all usually complimentary or free everywhere else

my fav worst coupons from firestone:

"free battery check"
something you can get done at any auto parts store, also for free

"free code scan"
see above

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youre so smug about it too, but i think thats more an aside of being a business person than an australian
like chill the fuck out, most americans do actually know geography for other white folk as shitty as that sounds, and we have access to this thing called google if theres ever doubt, and believe you me we use it
im not staying at work past my hours or coming in early just to reach you, just as you wouldnt me
email me back during your business hours and arrange something, or dont, idc

australian business people, why do you feel the need to remind this yank we are on different sides of the globe? im well aware, this is why my reaches will NEVER be during your business hours
i typically shoot for just before or after when they are out of alignment of mine, and for australians its usually im calling at my 4pm to their 7-8am
however i can close deals via email so i dont see the fuss, and if your listed number isnt a business line, you input it on a marketing form, not my fault

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