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Ole Ted Stilts /general-aspect @oletedstilts@mastodon.social

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alt mastodon presence(s):
@oletedstilts (overtly political themed)
@oletedstilts (personal/private/rant/backup/etc.)
discord: OleTedStilts#0605

> This process may take anywhere between a few minutes to an hour, depending on your network speed

a size estimate would be better here

and please, if you have the money and make use of pi-hole, throw a few bucks their way in the form of a donation
stuff like this needs supported

my brother showed me this a while back, but its worth sharing here

basically, just a DNS sinkhole that eats advertisements and other awful things, such as telemetry (microsoft is BAD about this, looking at analytics youll see on windows systems its probably the largest portion of what will end up diverted or blocked)

but most importantly, its free and theres no client-side software

great way to avoid a lot of things alongside adblockers

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you know you memorized APA formatting during your research assistantships and professional writing when Show more

I love how someone in 2007 set their flickr name to "login" so now flickr.com/login still just goes to this one random person's page... and because of that, all their pictures have like, for example, 13,000+ views and 2 likes: flickr.com/photos/login/811497

If you see ?utm_source and a bunch of other gibberish at the end of a shared URL, go ahead and just take off everything starting with the ?

This is Google Analytics tracking information.

btw, ive purposely left pronouns out both of the bio and this
i really dont care what you use, but if i had it my way itd be they/them bc im not that much a fan of gendered pronouns

"Satire is meant to ridicule power. If you are laughing at people who are hurting, it is not satire, it is bullying." - Terry Pratchett

is there a bunch of people joining mastodon because i hope there are and their first experience of this site is a bunch of people posting the names of colours under the CW "this is a colour"

i feel like that is a good encapsulation of what we're about here

Idea for a support network on Mastodon; mental health and related topics Show more

Idea for a support network on Mastodon; mental health and related topics Show more

Idea for a support network on Mastodon; mental health and related topics Show more

felt this appropriate to finally add with what i was comfortable adding, please give feedback if anything is bothersome or if there is anything i should add/remove/change

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Is that a motherfucking

「 healthy
schedule 」


free cyberpunk strategy game on humble for steam, ending noon saturday EST
i mean, its free, so its worth checking out i suppose