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i wish the people around me offline cared about why i like certain music that they absolutely hate, through my explanations and all

some music does something artistic without sounding conventionally pretty, other music does something radical and highlights meaning in some new way, and so on

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sometimes i whip the "im a god damn linguist, dont tell me this" card out, but not often in these cases bc another big peeve is explaining to people that linguistics isnt about the same stuff as what high school english teachers do either, aka we dont teach grammar or abide by nonsensical rules of it

i just would love for people to abandon the rules of grammar and writing theyve been taught erroneously over the years and think about why they break these unconsciously no matter how much teaching

they had a high school english teachers understanding of language in use, despite supposedly being informed by the "objective" linguistics view of the descriptive over the prescriptive, but can you really be all that surprised? the whole purpose of an SLP is to beat something "disordered" and so no matter how objective you pretend to be, norms come into play to help avoid the "disorder" in the future

this was worst in my undergrad bc i was a science major, but not just any science major: i was in a healthcare profession major

the writing advice was not unlike pulling teeth: i did it bc i had to for a passing grade, and that was it
i counted their own violations of their advice and sometimes held it against them, but still i had to follow their advice to pass, and what makes me angriest is we were supposed to be knowledgeable in language as speech-language pathologists

their reasoning was of efficiency, such that theyd probably also suggest dropping conjoining "that" in most circumstances

but you shouldnt drop something bc it makes character counts shorter, you should drop it for stylistic reasons or in cases where it will only improve understanding

i almost didnt change it but if they noticed it the first time theyd notice it the second

9/10 times when im given advice on writing, i get pissy bc its AWFUL advice or completely misinformed

six months ago, my boss told me to drop "of" in a phrase in the construction "x of y," akin to "half of it"

the newly suggested construction was grammatically permissible, but thats not why im mentioning this today

the reason its stuck with me is bc their reasoning was "its unnecessary"
it wasnt and to this day isnt "unnecessary," it was simply another way of saying it that added three characters: " of"

it irked me so much that its burnt into my brain

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One fun thing I discovered about Visual Chatbot: no matter what the photo is of, it will always report there are at least a couple giraffes.
It learned from answers that humans gave, and apparently nobody ever asked "how many giraffes are there?" when the answer was zero.

The elementary school by my house is flying a rainbow flag and a trans pride flag and I just

I'm okay

The kids are gonna be okay

the great thing about mastodon isn't that people don't try to make witty remarks about popular toots, it's that the popular toots are all "snoozlen't: hhnnngddy the cruncy dirgus" and there just Is No Witty Response To That

added my pronouns to my profile metadata, realized i didnt have them anywhere else bc i kinda didnt care but figured they might be important to some

I had a bad habit of not deleting anything, so here's something I made one time

I see it all the time and now you have to, too

"Policing Is an Information Business"

by Ingrid Burrington

very well documented article, with relevance way beyond the immediate local scale