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EA have published a study of US gamers which found:
* 56% feel it's "important" for games to be inclusive
* Only 7% would be less likely to play games with inclusive features
* More respondents are concerned about toxicity in the games industry than microtransactions/DLC (61% vs 49%)

Anyone Speak K’iche’ or Mam? Immigration Courts Overwhelmed by Indigenous Languages

Ok, so I have a tweet that's getting kind of popular on birbsite and I want to share the essence here too:

A guy tweeted that MySpace had lost all the music uploaded to it from 2003-2015. " An entire archive just... gone, forever."

So... this is your periodic reminder that uploading stuff to a website isn't an archive.

sentence i was just made to translate: "teastaíonn córas sláinte nua uainn"

translation: "we need a new health system"

"tá sé anuas" means "he's coming down" but translates literally to something like "he's (on his way) from up/downward"

we dont say "hes coming downward" in english, and we also use the direction of destination to describe this, in this case in irish they use the direction of origin

in other cases still, its contextual

it was infuriating me up until that revelation about an hour ago, now i think its super cool

another cool thing i learned, but yesterday: irish has a three-way distinction in its paradigm of directions

you have a single word for "from (a direction)," "at (a direction)," and "to (a direction)"

additionally, for cardinal directions, you have a fourth word: their actual name

this took me a solid 24 hours to soak in the differences

in case you were curious about how to pronounce "grianghrafadóireacht":

words like these take a few tries, but its virtually nothing after that once you get the hang of the accent in irish
im learning connacht, so thats my go-to

your daily scrabble world in irish: "grianghrafadóireacht" meaning "photography"

its a real mouthful to say

i officially dont have to wear green (a color that doesnt look good on me) this weekend bc im learning irish and able to speak a bit of it

im exempt, pinch me and im gonna go off on you in a language you probably dont understand

one of the ways to say "fox" in irish translates literally to "red/copper dog"
"madra rua"

the other is "sionnach" and i prefer that one just bc it feels silly to me saying "copper dog"

mastodon is a tool for converting my intrusive thoughts into dopamine

when typing in "fa" on the browser address bar takes you to the wikipedia page for "faroese phonology" before it does "facebook"
thats amore

ive been learning the connacht dialect of irish, based on nothing other than that its most central, most used, and an caighdeán oifigiúil prefers it over munster and ulster, but every once in a while ill think about if i wouldnt prefer another dialect

id basically have to relearn a ton of the pronunciations and patterns ive been using though lol

im not even one of those "graphics are everything" folks, just like, on wind waker, the visuals kinda cause my eyes strain now at times

my tastes changed slightly, but more based off what i sought out of games, which was escapism and relaxation with ease but access to complexities when i feel more inclined

sometimes i think about how much i played games when i was younger, and how going back to some of those games they arent as fun and how the visuals appear, and i wonder what had me fixated?

and then i start to look at myself now and really wonder if anything changed, but something mustve

for some reason, my least favorite part of language learning is verbs specifically
i hate learning verbs as vocabulary, although tenses and moods are alright

id rather stick with prepositions and cool structures, idk

im hoping to sit for the B1 exam in irish in nyc through TEG in may

ill at least get a good grasp of where im at

ive been reading a historical and comparative linguistic account of the celts and their language family the past few nights

when i studied the history of the romance languages, i found i gained a better appreciation for and insight into french when i was learning it years ago

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