@ChrisWere @ctrlaltdog ive not seen an argument of patreon being unethical that didnt involve the person receiving the donations doing something unethical, same for any donation format

as for merch, it all boils down to how much you wanna critique consumerism in DIY, bc i dont view this as any different: selling merch you made yourself or, or hosting it up on another service with your designs
BUT merch is also not really all that viable anymore, ill agree there

@ChrisWere @ctrlaltdog regardless of pragmatism, its still ethically dubious, which is the whole point
its not that i dont understand why its done

more on point: if the intent of ad revenue is to self employ or run a business (including just reimbursement for time invested in projects), it isnt everyone elses burden to make the ends meet
if the intent of ad revenue is to keep something online, there are MANY workarounds to this

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