today is zhou youguangs birthday
he died last year a day after his birthday
he is the reason for pinyin, the primary method of romanization of chinese today, and helped promote literacy in china under mao
he was also, like many others, sent to a reeducation camp for two years
pinyin is so reverent that it is the primary mode of input on chinese keyboards: you type in pinyin and it is converted in real time to the proper characters

there is heated debate about youguang in relevant circles, that he is counterrevolutionary for his dissent
he used to be big in the communist party at a younger age, but he has since advocated more for western-style democracy, akin to the arab spring
that is not why he is honorable though, it is the work on literacy he achieved
i think itd be kind to note the government of china, dominated by the communist party (regardless of how you feel about their real views), has kept it adopted since 1958

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