Do you need 18 EUR Open Source Hardware stackable PLC to control your machines? MOD-IO can do the job, now @linuxpeppe made beautiful plastic enclosure for it which snaps on DIN rail

@selea the info will be uploaded on

For all makers, now there is lower cost and much more powerful alternative to TS-100 soldering iron -> 65W ESD safe, digital PID, auto sleep/shutdown, 250-480C soldering iron

Interested in the new ESP32-S2 SOC from Espressif? We got the limited quantity of the very first ESP32-S2-Saola-1R breadboard friendly and ESP32-S2-Kaluga-1 multimedia development boards in stock!

We got custom plastic box for A20-OLinuXino-LIME2 with 6600mAh battery holder made by Mike Bosschaert. STL files are released under CC BY-SA 4.0 and uploaded in the OLinuXino GitHub repository

New Open Source Hardware board - BB-ADS1262 is ten channel 32-bit sigma delta ADC breakboard for highest demand precise low power low noise applications

Add connectivity and Navigation to your projects which works on all worldwide GSM frequencies and all Navigation standards. USB-gLINK is industrial grade Open Source Hardware 2G/3G/4G/LTE module for OLinuXino OSHW Linux computers.

Olimage is our new Mainline Linux building script for all our boards and SOMs and you can test some of our latest images at our server.

Amazing educational project nand2tetris-13 - build your own CPU, Assembler, High level language compiler, OS and write apps for it. All done with open Source software and hardware @ico_TC @latticesemi

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