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Ok I have a CO2 meter review video coming up but quick summary:
Every no-name Aliexpress CO2 meter under $100 sucks.
If they say they are NDIR they are probably lying.
The @AranetIoT is expensive but worth it.
The @TheatreCaps Mini CO2 monitor is an acceptable alternative.

@oliverquinlan This thread on CO2 meters has been among the most interesting reading I've seen this year. Especially the explanation of 'conference sleepiness', which I have definitely experienced.

@Downes it’s been interesting exploring. I got one of the cheap ones in that forthcoming test from Ali express. Only used out once so far so not much to say but will keep sharing!

@Downes I’ve definitely felt that classroom and conference sleepiness too. Also driving sleepiness (worryingly) which I have mitigated by opening windows but didn’t understand properly at the time.

@oliverquinlan It makes me wonder whether this was a reason people felt better working from home. No more office sleepiness.

@Downes oh wow I hadn’t thought of that. Definitely had meeting room sleepiness in my previous role, we had smal pod style meeting rooms inside a larger office. I always thought it was because they became hot, but it was probably CO2.

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