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a quem interessar: uma forma mais prΓ‘tica de acompanhar meu romance aberto. bota nos favoritos aΓ­ pra voltar de vez em quando ;)

well, nope. the whole house still sleeping after the town was partying until 4am.

well, if he wasn't up already this crazy chicken yelling by the house surely did it.

friend of mine arrived at 3am and is sleeping in the living room i wonder when it's polite for me to get out of bed. specially considering he's gonna get back to work at 9am (he's a firefighter, so... weird hours.)

so on the fediverse everyone talking about nazis, on twitter all my brazilian friends still going on about all the corruption scandals going on with the corruption investigations and i'm not feeling so good myself.

when is getting remote follows so i can move there forever?

the cat has his butt on the laptop power adapter. that's a very warm butt warmer for him >.<

"How Google is building a browser monopoly"

STOP USING CHROM* :blobangery:

reading an article on the lost art of concentration but the article is too boring too finish reading... zzz

i hate how every piece of writing on mental health these days go on about being more "productive". jeez, let us be unproductive for a moment, will ya?

"In 2005, research carried out by Dr Glenn Wilson at London’s Institute of Psychiatry found that persistent interruptions and distractions at work had a profound effect. Those distracted by emails and phone calls saw a 10-point fall in their IQ, twice that found in studies on the impact of smoking marijuana." (via

in other words: more marijuana, less smartphone.

"tech is ethically neutral" is "guns don't kill people" for techbros

not gonna say crazy because to be honest i'm supposed to be the crazy one taking meds and everything. crazy is better.

full moon is past and everyone is still completely out of their minds around here.

enough with blockchain and cryptocurrencies i'm done with these people that claim to be anarco-capitalists and obviously don't know a single damn thing about either anarchism or capitalism

Closes tab to finally start focusing on some work. Opens a new tab, types redd... GOD DAMN IT.

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