If you really wanna keep that awful short "canon" (which is like, a meaningless word with overwatch tbh) then those guys where a group of fascist imposters trying to give Los Muertos a bad name the way fake antifa groups do. In overwatch robotic prosthetics are pretty common so i don't see why glow in the dark tattoos can't be. The could even be temporary, who knows, there's nothing that says that tech doesn't exist.

Los Muertos as an antifa/revolutionary group is 1000% more interesting than them being a gang of scary brown people with calavera tattoos for the white savior to beat up imo :/ hire me to fix your lore blizzard

I've decided that Los Muertos as a group no longer belongs to Blizzard they belong to me now and they aren't a gang they're an antifa group who aim to fix the corrupt Mexican government bc unless capitalism doesn't exist in the overwatch timeline i'm pretty sure Mexico is still in a bad state

we know jack about like anything bc Blizzard is also so bad at lore. Also i'll never stop being bitter + hating s76 just a lil bc of his animated short + what they did with Los Muertos

I love overwatch a lot it's really fun + compared to WOW + other FPS games it's a step in the right direction but also Blizzard is like, impressively good at dropping the ball vis a vis racism

Goro Majima is bi and dating both Kazuma Kiryu and Taiga Saejima and there's nothing anyone can do about it

i was watching the news last night and apparently some guy got his cop brother to pull over his gf + make her think there was a warrant out for her car so he could propose to her like

1) straight men are the devil 2) apparently even being related to a cop makes you a devil

I'm so bad about using masto i forgot i tweeted about being into yakuza last time... when am i what is time

Anyway in the time i've been gone i've gotten DEEP into the yakuza series, mainly 0, and unfortunately I would die for Majima

I wish i remembered to use mastodon literally ever

Anyways i've gotten myself in the yakuza series real bad (mainly 0) and it took no time at all for me to find my fave boy (majima unfortunately), my fave ship for said boy (kazumaji) and all the terrible ships involving the boy (shimano + sagawa like... please stop being Freaks for a second)

I am..... so bad about using this i should like honestly just put a reminder on my phone like "hey idiot use mastodon instead of twitter for like A Second"

🌟quick VPN question!🌟
Is anyone who uses trustzone as a VPN having trouble connecting? If so, which server are you using?

I use the southern US server so im wondering if that one is just acting up or if it's on my end since i just got a new phone + our wifi has been a lil weird (i think our router is kinda old tho)

Real Talk: stepping in cat barf is a terrible experience but after you've done it once it's not that bad. It gets less awful

This pink X i made for my icon is so nice... i know im not at that point yet but what if i make my logo/business card with that in it

Anyway here's EXCLUSIVE picture of my cat/daughter Molly. She hopes to one day be able to climb Mt. Everest mastodon.social/media/hGgD1C7W

twitter updated mobile UI and im dying they took AWAY accessibility options blease

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