It's time for The Roundup #10, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup we are focusing on improving community engagement, reducing barriers to entry, and improving the delivery of Solus news!

@SolusProject Probably already mentioned but for chat you could look at matrix it can bridge networks so you can still use the existing irc channel and have history.

@olymk2 The Matrix IRC bridge is notoriously unreliable to the point we've had to ban it entirely from our channels. It is seemingly unable to handle even the most minor of netsplits and just results in the mass exodus and rejoins of Matrix users from our channels. It was an issue for months until we gave up and banned it outright.


@SolusProject ah fair enough I guess that link is an unofficial chat then. stopped running IRC and just using matrix myself because less apps :) I actually did the opposite and shut down irc because of the recent spam getting out of hand.

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