My piece, took a while to read the judgement.

"The Supreme Court judgment on the Babri Masjid title suit is a stalker’s dream. It documents more than 150 years of violence and intimidation and grants the title wholly to the harassing party."

@jamewils thank you. Brilliance is all due to my wife's editing.

@omairahmad I have a serious suggestion.

How about establishing an idol of Narendra in Vadnagar at the Hatkeshwar Temple? Where Narendra Lalla will be Virajman. The sanctum sanctorum will be a railway station and Narendra Lalla Virajman will have a tea kettle on one hand and kulhars in the other.

The only offering that devotees can give will be bishkut.

If we cannot fight the man, then the next best step is to deify him.

His 'next friends' can then file suit. No?

@majchowdhury excellent suggestion, but we'll have to appoint a guard because Mota bhai is likely to steal the biscuits.

@omairahmad Arre!

Who do you think will be his 'next friend'?

It is a win-win for us.

Damned if they don't! Damned if they do!!

@majchowdhury @omairahmad
Loving the idea. 😍😍
Prasad would be chai bishkut i presume.
Chai could be flowing continuously from the kettle his statue holds.
Bhakts could take a dip in the same and be like

@dennisckurian @omairahmad

Those are optics and must be done.

Key thing to focus here is the 'next friend' and goading him to file suit.

@majchowdhury @omairahmad there are busts of our prime minister all over Vadnagar. Like on every other chauraha

@paclicarbo @omairahmad
We are talking of Narendra Lalla Virajman; not our Prime Minister

@AshKarr wife edited, otherwise it would not have been half as clear.

@omairahmad and it's my wife who said very well written and a simple way of putting things 😊

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