I put this on the hate site, and received a lot of hate for it.

"Late last night, at police HQ

Me: Bhaisahib, chai kahin milegi?

Cops: Yahan paas nahin, magar khana chahiye toh aap humaare se le lijiye. Hum bhi yahan se nahin, Outer Delhi se aayein.

The police are human too, it is a mad state and bad laws that makes monsters of them."

This was at ITO after the Jamia attack - which was a crime by the state.

I just don't think you can get justice without understanding how the police work.

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I do not understand the empty virtue of merely hating the police.

The police is a brutal institution, governed by the same rules of procedure put in place by the colonial state. It has been brutal before, it will be brutal again.

While some individuals may be kind or cruel in themselves, the institution itself is designed to be unjust.

For me, hating the average policeman rather than the bringing to account the specific agrressors, is a pointless distraction, just divide and rule.

I also wonder how much of the hate is directed at the average policeman because he/she is of a class that many activists cannot be bothered about.

We have to rescue people from the state, some may be irredeemable, but to brand whole institutions as such will lead to nothing except a call to destroy them all.

That, to me, is not a wise road. Others may disagree.

@omairahmad just like most third world countries, our police too is undertrained and indisciplined. That's why you see local protests getting personal between the group of policemen present there and the protestors. Thus the bike smashing, public property smashing. Happened during Patidar movement in Gujarat too and innumerable times before that all over the world. As you said, they too r human and victim of the same system in some way.

@omairahmad Well, are police bad because of laws or do laws attract bad police?

@jookia Tends to be a chicken and egg problem.

An institution that allows abuse of authority attracts those who abuse authority, and an institution led by those who abuse power will change the institution into an abusive one.

The challenge is how to make an external intervention (civilian oversight, transparency) that limits that.

As I said, some people will be kind, some cruel, by nature. That shouldn't be our concern.

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