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We, the outsiders, love our country the way an abused child loves its family - with the broken possessiveness of one whose place of safety is hurt, with the passion of those that have put their faith in the faithless, with neither choice nor hope, just this vicious love.

Too many of us are outsiders in our own countries.

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Cross post from bird site:

Apparently studies suggest opposite (of what a BJP parliamentarian suggested)

Onions (eaten raw) help fight against cancer ?

Onions help protect against breast cancer

67% decrease in risk compared to women who never ate it

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An old scar itches,
The evil of the knife
Long after its bearer
Has wended his way.
A monster comes
This way, maybe,
And I am
To be his prey,
Or he, mine.
I stretch, yawn,
Let my hands fall open,
Survey my claws,
Scratch my grizzled hide.
It is a good day for a death,
His or mine.
A good day to fight.

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I wrote this a while back. We need to rethink resistance when it comes to enduring states ruled (hopefully for a short while) by immoral forces.

Don't know who needs to read this, but if you are part of the system, you don't necessarily need to buy into it. Nor, if you are outside it, do you need to completely condemn all within.

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Tweets doing the rounds saying "mothers should teach their sons better". Really? No matter what, it's the women who are responsible for everything, apparently.

A child's development is affected by multiple factors, not just one. They learn from their family as well as from their surroundings.

So when you, the society, shows him that it's easy to blame and treat women (the way people do) and get away with anything, that's what he learns.

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If owning Marxist books is a proof of sedition, is owning Mein Kampf proof of planning genocide?

It's striking that all our diplomatic, economic, and military power is unable to change the discourse in Pakistan, but Pakistani students happily, willfully adopt the language of JNU students in their protests.

We misunderstand "power".

God, there are idiots that believe in supply side economics here.

First block.

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Whether the new Maharashtra Government will reopen Judge Loya murder case?

Whether they try to ensure justice to the Bhima Koregaon victims?

Then...then only there will be hope!

"All of them [government measures] are measures on the supply side which give relief to producers, entrepreneurs, corporate houses, real estate and so on. But right now that’s not going to help you pump up demand. You need to put money in the hands of consumers. And mostly poor consumers who immediately spend what they get."

"Having exploited the help of liberals and the progressive left in their ascent to power, the Islamists underwent a spectacular change of heart. Those conscientious Islamist intellectuals who had been speaking truth to power suddenly became hucksters of party politics and petty legitimizers of oppressive policies. Turkish Islamism offered the world an ugly Muslim nationalism, a nouveau-riche ethos of conspicuous consumption, and kleptocratic handling of public resources."

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Kalyani nawabs of bidar who maintained their palace in Hyderabad served sumptuous meals to all of their visitors. In 1940s when government started annexing territories, nawabs tweaked their briyani by adding cheap beef instead of costly meat. A chef from palace started selling this briyani in a small outlet behind the palace. This food became the famous kalyani briyani which is a cheap and tasty source of protein for rickshawwalas, auto drivers, job searching youth

Or let me say, the modern feminist movement is.

I have little time for the Eurocentric view that Europe and its European colonies were uniquely feminist.

The intensity with which these values are defended is precisely because they have been newly won (or kind of won).

We are all in this together. Hyping the idea of a "natural superiority" of one culture over another is a fool's game.

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"Women were considered uniquely susceptible to a phenomenon called “Bovarysme”—the view that, after Gustave Flaubert’s heroine in his 1856 novel Madame Bovary, books could corrupt a woman and untether them from their traditional roles. Even doctors even weighed in, providing medical explanations of “Bovarysme,” some arguing that since women a “lower brain-weight” than men, they were physically not constituted for intellectual pursuits."

We forget how young feminism is.

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‘I’m Not Alone’: Muslim BHU Sanskrit Prof Reacts to Public Support

“People are supporting me. They are understanding my predicament. I am happy that I am not alone,” Firoze Khan says, sounding relaxed.

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@omairahmad I see this being replicated in India, too, now. It makes me and many more like me sick and terrified. Not to forget how anti-queer the Indian government is.

Old interview with the author of a book on 's empire, everything from (possible) murder, to massive fraud, to - of course - homophobia and lies:

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