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D elhi police who wanted protection from lawyers can protest but JNU students can’t protest for fees hike? Whose democracy is this? The people’s or the politicians?

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@DilliDurAst Sir I am from JNU, the police have resorted to not just lathi charge but also have taken 13 of us to a remote place. We have been slapped, thrashed, kicked and one of us has been puking blood.

I think it will take some time to post regularly on Mastodon.

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the reason i see a migration is because the sense of community is gone. You no longer recognise the place. And, you really are not sure you want to be part of such ugliness. (6)

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Glad to see the steps taken by Mastodon to curb hate speech and discriminatory behavior.

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People who like graphs, here is the recent spike of activity thanks to India discovering Mastodon in the context of the last 6 months of

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My experience of getting harassed and how Mastadon dealt with it brought up some insights.

1. I joined Mastadon yesterday, a network that presents an alternative to toxic social platforms.

Rest in the pictures below 2-5.

Cut to 2024.

The economy is in doldrums. People don't have jobs. Agrarian distress continues. The middle class is also getting fed up of all the tall promises.

Right before the elections, a large number of Pakistani/Kashmiri militants are killed by the Indian army!

Construction of the Ram mandir is also complete and its grand unveiling is ready!
People are delirious with happiness. They forget how shit their personal lives are and cheer Modi! Modi! Modi!

And Modi is PM again :angery:

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I like to clarify why we don’t have a verification system like the #birdsite with the blue thingy next to your name.

On the #fediverse or at least #Mastodon we all are equal. No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite. We want equality right?

We have plenty of methods to prove who you are on other platforms, we don’t need a badge for that 😉 Ofcourse you can use it however you like but this would be the reason, I’ll hope you’ll understand

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Check my profile for links to work. Or you could simply Google "aurpera" and you'll only find results pertaining to me and my work. Yes, I invented the name!

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And yes, never stop speaking against hate.

Staying mute because you are privileged and it won't affect you means nothing.

I strongly believe support for Modi was purely a manufactured social media phenomena.

They kept amplifying NamoForPM2014 (both online and offline) to such an extent that more people actually started believing he had that kind of base and started supporting him.

Maybe we can do the same to defeat the forces of hate.

One more thing that we (Indian Muslims) should always take care of is not to tweet anything that hurts the religious sentiments of others.

There are many posts you come across on social media that are very provocative. You might want to reply something offensive to that person out of anger.

But there is no point - you are never going to be friends with that troll and you might end up hurting people who are supportive.

Nice, like-minded people need to stay together as a cohesive unit! 😃

Really digging this 500 character limit :D

I see many people being distraught over BJP-RSS-VHP's increasing sphere of influence and how they have turned many seemingly nice people into bigots.

People who will be nice to you but also vehemently agree about disenfranchising and taking away most of your rights.

But then again, if you see just the recent elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, there have been many who voted against the BJP.

Not all would be pro-minorities but even a fraction gives you hope.

So there is hope, I believe.

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A general questions to the moderators of this instance and @Gargron . The idea of a decentralized fediverse is not let a collective / organization direct a narrative . If that is the case , should we allow media corporation handles on the instance . Individual journalists and media personnel are okay but official handle of media houses ? Aren’t we setting ourselves up for the same hole that swallowed the bird site?

Back in 2008-2009, when we had just started getting active on Twitter, there were just a few celebs like Shashi Tharoor and Gul Panag.

Political twitter was there but it didn't dominate daily conversations.

Humour, sports, and personal conversations used to drive trends.

Twitter became so popular because no other alternative came up.

Now Mastodon is here.
Let's give it time.

At least it is peaceful for now.

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