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Really good video aimed at YouTube, but really applies to all social media and platforms for posting content that are funded/ran by corporations:

It's a long watch (honestly didn't think I'd watch it all the way through but I did), but honestly very well done and I recommend watching the whole thing through.

There are lots of reasons why people choose Tutanota:

✅ focus on privacy

✅ no advertisements

✅ entire mailbox is encrypted

✅ affordable prices

✅ open source clients

We are very grateful to our users for sharing their opinion with us. 😀🙏

Study shows "accelerometer data alone may be sufficient to obtain information about a device holder’s location, activities, health condition, body features, gender, age, personality traits, and emotional state."

We develop CryptPad under an open-source license because we believe cryptography is a vital tool in addressing disparities in power. In case it wasn't already abundantly clear: we're on the side of the black, queer, trans, and other disproportionately policed and surveilled people that have faced prejudice for far too long.

If you're using CryptPad to organize and have any questions about how to use it as safely as possible please do contact us.


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My guide on safely redacting photos with sensitive info on them on the go, fresh off the press. Boosts welcome and appreciated.

A new major Talk release for our mobile clients is out, bringing offline support and more cool features!

Now just get push to work on android without google services! And you make it into the A list

OK Beeb: BBC voice assistant will learn regional accents - The BBC, an organisation I fund through a mandatory licence fee, further develops their #SurveillanceCapitalism offering.

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