Brian Covey, Support Manager, has a *lot* of cats. Here’s Northstar!

More on the microblog:

In the latest episode of The Omni Show we interview Tim Wood, CTO and founder of The Omni Group, about serving as a resource, educator, and tool-maker for our dozen-or-so engineers.

This is our last episode of 2018. Happy holidays from The Omni Show!

OmniFocus Books: One New, One Updated:

Check out the new book “Build Your OmniFocus Workflow” by @rosemaryorchard and @nostodnayr. And check out the updated “Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3” by @kouroshdini.

We’ve begun offering site licenses for OmniGraffle for iOS. More of our iOS apps will follow. Read all about it!

Here’s a walk-through of how it works:

Here’s Luna! She’s a Time Lord who happens to look like a cat.

Check out the microblog for more pics:

And remember to never, ever eat pears! (Write that down.)

[Blog post] Introducing Optional OmniFocus Subscriptions

Whether subscriptions make sense for you is something only you can decide. But we're pleased that we will soon be able to offer you that choice!

It’s the last day to buy the cool floppy disks T-shirt!

The disks aren’t even all that floppy. The shirt *is*, though, which the wearer will appreciate. :)

Willow and Xander live with Derek Motonaga, Prime Minister of OmniOutliner and OmniFocus for the Web.

More pix on the microblog…

Cat trolls dog!

Watch as Molly Reed’s cat Cleo toys with Mara the dog. Mara never has a chance against this nutty Bengal.

Molly Reed, COO of The Omni Group, joins the The Omni Show to talk about sandals and socks, singing opera, being a woman in tech, climbing mountains, and helping Omni grow and thrive.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, please accept this picture of Xander and Willow in a box. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are, as always, thankful for the folks for who use our apps. Thank you!

Another new Inside OmniFocus tip! How to assign a project to an Inbox Item using drag and drop (on the Mac):

This T-shirt doesn’t include all the colors — just the really great ones. :)

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