Board game community, please make a game about the development of practical special effects in the early days of film:

Hate that moment when you're speaking and you start to hear yourself talking in your head... So self conscious. 😄

My top 3 solo games is currently:
1) Spirit Island
2) Underwater Cities
3) Too Many Bones

Arnak is a contender though.

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My top 5 hotness for Solo Boardgames:
1) Cloudspire
2) Lost Ruins of Arnak with Expansion
3) Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives
4) Corrosion
5) Finished!

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New Podcast Episode!

Ep 170: Exploring the Multiverse

We share our thoughts on the new Marvel Multiverse RPG after checking out the playtest rulebook. Learn everything you wanted to know about the new Marvel RPG.

After that, I review Founders of Teotihuacan from Board & Dice.

We wrap up with our usual week in review where I got two games off my pile of shame and we play more Star Wars Unlock!

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US politics / protest 

Join Nationwide Emergency Actions to Defend Abortion

May 3 @ 6:00pm
137 S Wilmington St
Raleigh, NC

#RoeVsWade #SCOTUS #protest

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PSA: please do not use "religion" when you mean Christianity, abortion 

Attempting to get ahead of the inevitable backlash: US abortion bans are not an expression of *religious* freedom. They are an expression of certain *Christian* views.

In Judaism, there are many cases where abortion is halachically mandated: (a good overview from an Orthodox perspective) Banning abortion infringes upon Jewish religious freedom, so please don't say "religion" when you mean Christian.

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An appeal for help:

Trunk is an opt-in directory of people on Mastodon and the Fediverse looking for followers, organised into a large range of topics:

Anyone can ask to be added, and the admins of Trunk check the account (to screen out spam etc) and add them.

However, due to the need to check the contents of accounts, this Trunk only includes people who post mainly in English. It means they have to turn away a lot of non-English accounts.

The Trunk admins want to fix this situation.

Do you use a language other than English? Do you want to help make a version of Trunk in your own language?

The English Trunk admins can help you with the technical side, but they need people who speak other languages to moderate Trunks in those other languages.

➡️ Can you help? If so, get in touch with @kensanata who leads the Trunk project.

(There is a Spanish Trunk at but so far no other languages.)

#AskMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

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I always get a kick out of Miniature Mashup. His kitbashes are meant to be cheaper alternatives and are kinda trash to treasure. Here’s his latest

Played Imperial Steam a second time this evening. Two of the players took missteps early on and disliked the game. Game is far too punishing with little too mitigate if you get behind the eightball...

Initial few turns seem wide open, but really there appear to be few optimal moves.

I like the core game, but wish it was developed to be more forgiving.

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Trying to get through the rulebook for Cloudspire. Made it about 5 pages today before stopping to get coffee. Excited to learn it, but oh so tired.

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For those of you who did not know otherwise because Mastodon is your only social media outlet, I and Krissy have bought a church and are refurbishing it. Here is some of the new framing for the balconies. Also, no, we're not starting a cult. Why does everyone assume that?

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I'm an indie app developer. I've created the Board Game Stats app #bgstats, the official BoardGameGeek app #bgg and working on other stuff!

My main interests are #boardgames and #cats 😸

I develop for #iOS and #Android, and use #swift, #objectivec, #kotlin and #java.

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@nonordinarytiles @Gargron If you explore or click on the and hashtag, you will find a lot of people. Bonus... they are talking about what they like and are interested in socializing about.

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